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Android is taking over the world! (INFOGRAPHIC)

4 Jan

Today I came across this infographic. It’s about the Androids taking over the smartphone world. Check it out! Continue reading


Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Devices

3 Jan

The smartphone market keeps rising and rising. You can’t live without a smartphone these days.And what is a smartphone without browsing the internet? For all the Android users, here is a top 5 Web Browsers:

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) – free

Opera Mini 5 – free

SkyFire 2.0 – free

xScope – $0.99

Dolphin – free


Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Devices | Template Monster Blog.

Top 10 Awesome Android Apps!

2 Jan

The Android Market keeps growing every second. It is said that there are over 200.000 apps on the Android Market. Here is a list of the top-10 android apps. Continue reading