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On a cold winter evening I was searching the internet for awesome stuff. I’ve got a couple of sites which I visit weekly. Then I thought, why dont I search the internet looking for awesome stuff and make my own blog to share the awesomeness. It is the first time that I spend my time on ‘blogging’ so I have no experience at all! And so, feel free if you want to comment or give advise! All help about blogging is welcome!


The author (me) is a Belgian student born in 1990 and living near Antwerp. I live in a small town with about 10.000 inhabitants. This town is located at around 30km’s from Antwerp, Belgium. There isn’t much Awesomeness to do around here so I’m glad I can visit Antwerp everyday to visit school.

My first passion is actually football, so who knows I’ll start a blog about football some day :p. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 but I gave it up after my 17th birthday. But I still try to follow every European league very closely. The second passion of mine is music. I’m mostly interested in electronic music but I think I can say that I almost like every genre. Other interests of me are movies, foods & drinks, technology, cars, clothing and ofcourse: AWESOMENESS!


Twitter: www.twitter.com/awesomeness4all

E-mail to: awesomenessforall@gmail.com

Best regards, Svn

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