Top 10 Awesome Android Apps!

2 Jan

The Android Market keeps growing every second. It is said that there are over 200.000 apps on the Android Market. Here is a list of the top-10 android apps.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice features: One Number (send calls and text massages from you Google Voice Number) , cheap international calls, voicemail transcription, free text messages, integration, custom greetings.

2. Andvanced Task Killer

‘Kills’ all the running apps on background with one click.

3. Dropbox

Access your Dropbox on the go, upload files, sync files to your Dropbox, share links to files in your Dropbox.

4. Evernote

Make notes, snapshots, add tags, search notes.

5) Droid Analytics

DroidAnalytics was built to give you a fast and easy visualize your Google Analytics data.

6. Documents To Go

Includes Word To Go, Sheet To Go, PDF To Go,…

7. Amazon Kindle

Read over 100 newspapers and magazines, sample and purchase content using an integrated store, double tap on images to zoom in.

8. Places Directory

This is an app for finding shops, restaurants and services near your location.

9. TripIt

Tripit is a travel app that allows you to see all kinds of details of your TripIt itineraries, get maps and directions from your itinerary, link to airlines, restaurants, hotels,…from your itinerary,…

10. Seesmic

Manage multiple Twitter accounts in a simple interface, share photos, videos and locations. It’s also included with the Seesmic Widget that assures you that you won’t miss a single tweet.


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