Future of Awesomeness For All

29 Dec

This post is about the future of my blog: Awesomeness For All.

Exams are coming up and as a student, it’s not that easy to spend a lot of time searching the internet for awesomeness to share. I will try to share new posts with you every time I can when I’m not studying. After the exams, I want to make this blog bigger and bigger with new posts every day!

I know that this blog still looks a bit empty and weird. But I’m planning to spend some time and money to upgrade my blog after the exames so that I can install some cool plugins, themes, etc to make this blog more attractive and easy to use. First things first, so first I’ll be checking if enough people visit my blog. I that way, I will pay some money to upgrade the blog. So I hope that I will get some visitors soon!

I will also try to come up with some new categories. Maybe my visitors can chose a subject then, so feel free to contact me (twitter, e-mail) if you have any suggestions! Shoot!

At last, after the exams, I’m planning to post a new subject in the ‘Drinks’ section. As a Belgian, beer is very important for our country. I do have to say that Belgian beer is the beest beer in the world! My goal is to share all these kinds of Belgian beers with my visitors. First I will start with the most popular and best known Belgian beers and later on, I will also post some unknown, exclusive Belgian beers. So it’s a good thing to keep following if you’re planning a trip to Belgium soon!

That’s it for now. I can’t wait till my exams are over (will be end january) to take this blog to the next level!


Best regards,






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